A Twist on the Glass Slipper – New Flash Fiction

The Inward Spiral


Check out my latest flash-fiction story, Ella

A twisted take on the familiar glass slipper…

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And don’t forget that Archimedes Claw and Secrets of the Samurai Squid are currently competing in the Contest Fiction Short Story Competition. Drop by and check them out, leave a tip and help support some new authors!




   Ella scrubbed the stone floor of the villa with a wooden-handled brush as beads of sweat dripped from her nose and chin. Her two stepsisters, followed by her stepmother, paraded themselves to the breakfast table and began to dine. Nothing more than indignant looks were cast in her direction. She listened intently as the trio engaged in morning conversation, “They found another one yesterday. Same thing as before. The final blow was a spike to the…

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