Art for Art’s Sake

Subtitle: Don’t Give Up the Day Job



3 thoughts on “Art for Art’s Sake

  1. Concise!

    Hey Sam, came by perchance you are blog posting, but obviously still busy with works on the side – alas alas.

    It’s crazy hard, isn’t it? I mean, with all the writing people do – you & Bryan Hemming to my mind are TOP QUALITY writers, and I cannot figure, cannot figure why some of the shit I read out there is out there instead of you guys.

    Anyways, I hope it’s going well, the dedicated writing time. My sincere good luck to you.


      • Oh Sam, the cost of living.

        Since coming back from Thailand, putting money (credit card) out for this and this and this and this. I’m tired of it, truly tired of it.

        Also, not enjoying my job. My boss is so haughty & rude. She’s just awful. She makes my day shit.


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