Everything in moderation?

Bottles 2All things must pass.

Do you have such a gathering in your kitchen corners? Or elsewhere in your home?

Most of these bottles are topless emptied over many many months let me assure you (!) but who can throw them away? Not I.

Not a hoarder am I either but the bottles won’t let me let them go. A strange allure – their shape, their glass shells, their appearance-of-exotic labels

Their basic utility to store, a job well done, yet this is not enough for them, they want to stick around.

A story to tell?…

The same story again and again?

And which one empty bottle won’t do…

Heston Blumenthal’s Waitrose Recipes

Watching Heston Blumenthal’s current TV ad for Asparagus Egg Dippers with Smoked Salmon I was again credulous at his inventiveness.

Granted this is not on a par with his Gothic or Victorian Feasts as seen on Channel 4 and accepted I am quite an innocent to the world of haute-cuisine but what are the thought processes that results in a recipe such as this! I understand that salmon and asparagus is a common enough culinary coupling but to smoke the salmon in Lapsang Souchong tea! And then for good measure, to peak those taste-buds to bursting, dip it into a soft-boiled egg!

Waitrose have employed Delia Smith too – an unlikely marriage of British cooks perhaps – steady as she cooks Delia and kitchen-as-laboratory Heston but one that certainly covers both edges of the eating spectrum.

His and her recipes can then be purchased from Waitrose – but can you mass-produce Heston’s creations? Short of him preparing each recipe himself can it possibly taste as good? We can also send in for a recipe-card – and can we make from this recipe card what he would make with it? I think not – with apologies to any Michelin multiple-starred chefs that should happen to be reading this post!

I guess I can always join the queue for The Fat Duck.

I am now off to salivate at his Cherry and Chocolate Pudding – food videos that should be x-rated!