Adele – Rolling in the Deep – Crystal Clear Video?

We could have had it all

‘Rolling in the Deep’, the first single from Adele‘s second album ’21’, has to be heard to be believed. It needs no video to sell its impassioned tale. Nevertheless there is a video and an enigmatic one it is.

Picture its scenes:-

Adele alone in a gutted-room in a large and abandoned house, the drummer drumming in a hall-way facing the wall.

A room above, its floor covered with water-filled glasses.

In yet another room a whirling dervish ballet-dancer, umbrella in hand, upon a carpet of white flour, their dancing disturbing the flour into the air.

At the foot of a stairway, a pile of broken crockery, it grows as more cups and saucers are thrown from above at a screen high in the hall.

Another brief scene, a scale model of a city in white upon a large table. This city later sparks into flame.

These scenes repeat kaleidoscopically.

What does it all mean? We can work it out. If we are so inclined!

The video director wants to be Michel Gondry?

The video director is Sam Brown. Previous videos from him like Elbow’s ‘Fallen Angel’ and Feeder’s ‘Find the Colour’ have tended to be sparse no frills affairs focusing on the performers’ performing. The Fray’s ‘How to Save a Life’ is perhaps the video of his closest to the elusive style of ‘Rolling in the Deep’.

This video for all its sleights of hand does also ‘play it to the beat’ leaving us to enjoy the sound of Adele and her musical fire.

Adele Rolling in the Deep - Glasses big shot