Caroline Wozniacki – Blistering Tennis in Heels

Caroline Wozniacki playing tennisDanish Tennis Player and current WTA Number One, Caroline Wozniacki, is currently on UK TV screens advertising Compeed – or is it spelled in capitals? I am not sure and care less. I have not heard of Compeed, if I suffered from blisters then perhaps I would have as they  are maybe the number one blister-killers in the business. But I don’t play enough sport or undertake other foot-chafing activities to ever have to know this.

The ad briefly shows current World Number One yet never to have won a Grand Slam Caroline Wozniacki breaking one of her shoe-heels causing her own foot-heel to blister but thanks to this blister plaster was able to resume her tennis winning ways uninhibited.

Uninhibited but this time playing on court in those heels!

I imagined then an equivalent of a Golfing handicap system where the higher the rank the higher the heel you had to compete in.

Where when we say court shoes we don’t mean trainers we mean court-shoes!

Our own British women players alas would remain in their trainer flats.

Top ten players such as China’s Li Na and Russia’s Maria Sharapova in kitten heels, Caroline Wozniacki herself in narrower-taller stiletto-heels.

And the Williams Sisters? Well they would have to play in the McQueen Armadillos.

And for the men? Well Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal would have to play in Seventies Style Platforms.

Wimbledon starts its fortnight Monday June 20th – don’t hold your breath!

Heston Blumenthal’s Waitrose Recipes

Watching Heston Blumenthal’s current TV ad for Asparagus Egg Dippers with Smoked Salmon I was again credulous at his inventiveness.

Granted this is not on a par with his Gothic or Victorian Feasts as seen on Channel 4 and accepted I am quite an innocent to the world of haute-cuisine but what are the thought processes that results in a recipe such as this! I understand that salmon and asparagus is a common enough culinary coupling but to smoke the salmon in Lapsang Souchong tea! And then for good measure, to peak those taste-buds to bursting, dip it into a soft-boiled egg!

Waitrose have employed Delia Smith too – an unlikely marriage of British cooks perhaps – steady as she cooks Delia and kitchen-as-laboratory Heston but one that certainly covers both edges of the eating spectrum.

His and her recipes can then be purchased from Waitrose – but can you mass-produce Heston’s creations? Short of him preparing each recipe himself can it possibly taste as good? We can also send in for a recipe-card – and can we make from this recipe card what he would make with it? I think not – with apologies to any Michelin multiple-starred chefs that should happen to be reading this post!

I guess I can always join the queue for The Fat Duck.

I am now off to salivate at his Cherry and Chocolate Pudding – food videos that should be x-rated!