Kylie Jenner modelling Abbey Dawn – too young to strut?

Abbey Dawn 2010 Avril LavigneShould Kylie Jenner at 14 years of age have been making her runway debut for Avril Lavigne’s Abbey Dawn? This question currently seems to be exercising some sections of the media and web.

And their concerns are not about the nepotism involved – that Kylie is the younger sister of Avril’s boyfriend Brody Jenner. No it is her age. She is too young they feel. Is she?

Not too young to have an interest in fashion? Girls have a love of fashion before they have a love of boys?! Wanting to dress up and strut yourself on the runway for most boys a nightmare, for most girls a dream.

Perhaps she being fourteen years old there could be accusations of exploitation but I would hardly think so – she is going to get much more out of it from Abbey Dawn and New York Fashion Week than they will be getting from her – the kudos count is all in her favour.

Abbey Dawn 2010 Avril LavigneIf she were modelling Victoria’s Secret or a more provocative adult collection then I would share their concern.

Abbey Dawn though is young fashion and going by the 2010 collection of Hoodies, t-shirts and jeans not something to cause a parent any prudish concern for their young beloveds.

Perhaps the more pertinent question to be asked is whether Avril Lavigne should be showing at New York Fashion Week? Has she gotten a free-pass purely because of her celebrity status? Would an unknown up and coming designer have got themselves a slot at Style 360 in the Metropolitan Pavilion, Chelsea, Manhattan with the styles to be found in Abbey Dawn? Was the greatest credential for Avril Lavigne showing there her name Avril Lavigne?

I am a big fan of Avril Lavigne and her music – well at least up to her third 2007 album Best Damn Thing – her fourth, this year’s Goodbye Lullaby, is more Avril-by-numbers – one for us fans only not likely to get too many new fans onboard.

Abbey Dawn 2010 Avril Lavigne

Just because you like Fashion does not mean you can do Fashion.

It is all part of the celebrityville – you are not a great rock star or actor or writer or fashion designer you are a celebrity – and singing, acting, writing, designing are all just celebrity activities one and the same to you!

But then so goes our celebrity culture. We watch programs about ballroom dancing and surviving on desert islands that we may not otherwise watch if there was not a celebrity waltzing across the dance-floor or strolling across the beach in a swimsuit…is that then what lies ahead for future fashion weeks, more and more ‘big-names’ from music and Hollywood, less and less high couture names?

As if Rodarte, Alice + Olivia or Oscar De La Renta were not enough for us!

And please don’t misunderstand me – I like Avril Lavigne’s Abbey Dawn range and is why I have peppered this post with photographs from her collection of last year.

But worthy of New York Fashion Week?Abbey Dawn 2010 Avril Lavigne

Avril Lullabys

Avril Lavigne’s fourth studio album Goodbye Lullaby is an introspective affair and one which the smart bubblegum pop of her current single What The Hell may not prepare you for.

Girlfriend heralded her last album The Best Damn Thing and that pop gem was followed up in that same go-for-broke spirit on One of those Girls and I Don’t Have to Try but among many other highlights were the more reflective sweeping ballads When I’m Gone and Innocence.

It is in the spirit of those and the glorious I’m With You from her first album Let Go and Don’t Tell Me from her second Under My Skin that Goodbye Lullaby is placed.

From the opening piano keys of Black Star via the plaintive I Love You right through to the closing epic Goodbye she sings her heart, her voice finer than ever.

I understand that her broken-hearted blues springs from her divorce from Sum 41 lead singer Deryck Whibley – Sum 41 have just released a new album ‘Screaming Bloody Murder’ – the other side of the divorce story?!

Goodbye is my favourite lullaby from her collection – so far – spare and sedate with occasional piano and string accompaniment.

Actually the final song on this album is not Goodbye but Alice her contribution to the 2010 Alice in Wonderland film but though a fine song feels an appendix here not quite fitting with the rest of the album.

Another heartfelt collection of songs from Avril Lavigne.