Banana biking in Battersea

Among the many attractions at London’s Battersea Park is the cycle hire available from London Recumbents which I attended today for the second time this month with a couple of nieces in tow. Battersea Park is large and cycling is a great way to see it all in good time.

London Recumbents provide a wide range of bikes for adults and children – my nieces opted for the ground level banana bikes where you change between left and right simply by tilting your body in either direction accordingly.

To the left, to the left

I on the other hand opted for something more boringly traditional in a standard upright. Tandems and Trikes are also available.

Prices are good value and sessions can be booked for thirty minutes and an hour.  I would recommend the latter option if you have children in tow!

It is a great way to encourage cycling for children and provide exercise into the bargain.

This also in the context of the Transport for London initiative Barclays Cycle Hire which I welcome as a healthy, green and cost friendly way of getting about London.

Now London Recumbents any chance of making a Unicycle available to hire?!