Suranne Jones – The Doctor’s Wife

Suranne Jones

Suranne Jones

The latest episode of Doctor Who finds him betrothed?

What an episode it is and what a performance by Suranne Jones – such a pity it had to be a terminal one.

The Doctor’s Wife was written by English author Neil Gaiman of Coraline and The Sandman fame among many others. And the script was as mind-bending as the scientific conundrums that littered it. The time-shifting in this latest series would leave even Quentin Tarantino breathless.

Michael Sheen is the voice of The House. (Though not his first such voice – he was the White Rabbit’s voice in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland). But what a CV he now has – previously, to sample but a few, Brian Clough, Tony Blair and Kenneth Williams – and now the Voice of the House – can he possibly top this?!

And the Doctor sheds a tear – I won’t plot-spoil if you have not yet seen it – and if not then you should watch for free on the BBC iPlayer in High Definition while you still can.

Suranne Jones’ performance as Idris the Doctor’s Wife (or Soul Mate? Same thing – or should be!) was delivered with relish – much verbal gymnastics and memorable lines – though the line about the Fish Fingers is in the same category as a previous episode in this series Knock Knock Who’s There one!

As herself

Not her first foray into the Doctor Who universe though – you may remember her as the Mona Lisa in the Sarah Jane Adventure ‘Mona Lisa’s Revenge’?

More known though for charismatic cops such as DC Laurie Franklin in the BBC’s Five Days and another DC, Rachel Bailey, in the recently commenced ITV series ‘Scott and Bailey’, where Scott is played by Lesley Sharp – which sounds in the spirit of Murder In Suburbia – and I digress!

Here she gets to play the TARDIS – sorry could not avoid that spoiler! – where her multi-dimensional space-time-mind confounds not just we the viewers but the Doctor himself.

As noted such a pity it was to be a terminal appearance – okay I can see I plot-spoiled from the very beginning of this post! – but she arrived and exited with a bang.

But does this mean the Doctor is left without a TARDIS? That is one plot-line at least I won’t spoil for you!

The Curse of the Black Spot – Lily Cole’s Siren Call

Sea Siren

Did you recognise this Sea Siren in the BBC Doctor Who episode The Curse of the Black Spot?

It was Lily Cole and has she ever been made up like this before? She’s a fashion model so perhaps at a Vivienne Westwood show! From Couturier to Costumier she wore it well.

Though – spoiler alert and look away now if you have not yet seen this episode! – it transpires that she is no Sea Siren rather the ships onboard holographic-medic gone awry protecting her crew and captives against injury and disease.

The pirates led by the currently ubiquitous Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey, Twenty Twelve) as Captain Avery referred to her as Cursed with the Doctor decrying this as how we describe anyone or thing that is beyond our understanding – to scientific enquiry we must look not defeatist superstitions. Stirring stuff for Saturday tea-time viewing.

Lily Cole’s performance was wordless if not soundless – she had to wail and screech but otherwise look spectral and mysterious, which she carried off, her being a model and all!