Fan Fiction Unrestricted

I recently posted about a piece of inadvertent fan-fiction I had created. I posted it on the fiction site Wattpad.

Due to some of its contents being of a sexual nature – very mildly and allusory it must be said – and they having a Ratings system I self-classified it as PG-13. (Parental Guidance 13 and under). It is even possible that I should have used their R classification which is their Adult/18/X-Rated equivalent. They’ve not said anything to me anyway!

What I had not realized was that by doing so the piece is not only restricted on Wattpad but it means if you are not registered with them you can not see it at all. In retrospect this does make sense as otherwise how would they tell the age of you reading it!

In effect therefore it is hidden away from the web.

And means that the link I provided in my post would have taken you to content you could not see unless you were prepared to register with the site. Not what I was intending at all.

So I shall shortly be publishing it here without restrictions. Although I wonder if WordPress should have an age-classification system. That was rhetorical wonder! As that’s a whole hornets’ nest I do not want to stir up here!