It’s Choade my Dear – via Thakoon and Shazam!

If not for Shazam would I have ever known about Connan Mockasin.

I had been watching Thakoon’s back-stage Fall show from New York courtesy of YouTube and FTV, and models including Anabela Belikova and Wang Xiao, having their hair done while being made-up and discussing the look.

All the time a strange music under-scoring it with enigmatic verses accompanying.

A haunting quality and strangely fitting for the Thakoon video-shoot.

But what was it? Normally I may have Googled but I may equally have let it pass.

But as previously posted thanks to Shazam I simply held my phone up to my TV and it discovered the music for me. And discovered it was called ‘It’s Choade my Dear’.

And then on to YouTube to watch the video from its artist, New Zealander Connan Mockasin.

The song is taken from his group’s fifth album ‘Forever Dolphin Love’.  Other songs on the album are titled ‘Egon Hosford’ and ‘Unicorn in Uniform’ which I think give you a better impression of the album than any description I could give to it!

Lines in the song include ‘I’m a China Toad but I’m in filing mode. Please take it off, please take it off’. Later he recants ‘I’m a China Toad but I’m in reckless mode’! Or at least I think that is what he is singing. Shazam can tell me what the song is called but not yet decipher the strange words and tones of the singer/s!

The video is as intriguing as the song itself, shot on location in Hawkes Bay on New Zealand’s North Island.

Five albums in and I am only just discovering them via a Thakoon make-over!

But who or what is Choade? And off to Google!…

Live Online at the Milan Runway with Gucci Connect

There are many ways to view runway collections online – Fashion TV is perhaps pre-eminent.

YouTube also hosts FTV and other fashion shows.

Most fashion designer websites now allow you to view their current and previous fashion shows.

But these all in common are of the recorded show.

Women’s Fall Winter 2011 Gucci – in Milan and online

Gucci Connect allows you to see the entire show streamed live.  You sign up and receive an Email invitation. When attending you become part of a virtual live audience and can see via web-cams everyone else who is watching too – from China, Mexico, Italy the list of countries goes on – a global affair indeed.  You are also able to chat with your fellow virtual attendees too.

The show also integrates with Facebook and Twitter.

I received my Email invitation for the Women’s Fall Winter 2011 show in Milan hosted February 23. The Mens event was available to watch too.

You also get to see behind the scenes – the models having their hair and make up done, the audience milling about the arena prior to the show start.  And you can see the Front Row too – I caught a glimpse of the unmistakeable Anna Wintour.

The show itself is streamed in multiple views – while the main view shows a model walking down the runway you can see another model on another part of the runway and yet another waiting to join the runway.

As well as the fashion show you can watch a range of related videos of other collections like their Home and Cruise ones and the making of some of the collections such as the Spring Summer 2011 main campaign.

And if you could not take it all in you are able to play back the live stream as many times as your heart desires.

Another exclusive treat is an interview with Gucci creative director Frida Giannini answering too some questions set to her by the virtual audience.

For most of us who do not have the money or the time to travel to the fashion runway shows in Milan Paris London New York and the like this is a convenient and pleasurable way to attend these globe-trotting fashion events.

I hope more fashion houses stream their shows live and I plan to attend as many of them as I can in this way – and if not able to view them live then instead to play them back later.