The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and boys with pink toe-nails

The Comedy Channel’s Daily Show with Jon Stewart in its episode of April 13 (and broadcast in the UK on More 4 on April 18) featured a piece on J.Crew’s Creative Director Jenna Lyon’s recent weekly Email ‘Saturday with Jenna’ featuring an article and photograph of her with her son sporting pink toe-nails and the line ‘Lucky for me I ended up with a boy whose favourite colour is pink’.

A touching scene but surely not controversial?

In the US it seems so.

The piece has been touted as symptomatic of gender confusion and the feminization of America!  If this were the response of a few bloggers here and there I would think nothing more of it.  The fact that Fox News took against it is also of no surprise but that mainstream channels such as CNN and ABC took up air-time to discuss this ‘story’ I find astounding if not shameful.

Are they for real?

If the photograph had featured a father with his daughter and she sporting a Groucho Marx moustache would we be subject to tirades about gender confusion and the masculinization of America?!

I very much doubt it.  This response is as much then about conservative male chauvinism.

Much ado about nail-varnish.  Words should fail me.

I can but wonder how bemused Jenna Lyons must feel.

Jon Stewart was agog and I share his agogness!

I apologize for re-producing the offending image in my post and hope it hasn’t disoriented your sense of gender identity too much!