Kirsty Mitchell – photographs from the Garden of England

Kirsty Mitchell - About Wonderland - Lady of the Lake

The Lady of the Lake

If you are a photographer the web is an ideal place to share your labours of love – that is assuming your site gets found among the endless virtual real estate that is the online realm, and then that the ever updating Google search algorithms treat you kindly. Because with a very modest digital camera pretty much anyone can set up shop online as a hopefully-professional photographer. And digital cameras of a very high standard indeed can be purchased on quite modest budgets such is the advancement of digital photographic technology. But a high-resolution digital camera and a web-site will only get you so far – to stand out from the pixelated crowd you need art and you need a distinctive vision. Kirsty Mitchell

Kirsty Mitchell certainly has vision. I especially enjoy the staged scenes of dissipated women among the twilight flora – both as one, as nature. It is not all nature though – human-made paraphernalia strews itself in some shots but in the main hauteur-horticulture pervades.

Kirsty Mitchell is from Kent in England – Kent is known as the ‘Garden of England’ – so perhaps then these scenes are inevitable. On her website she explains a background in art and fashion – photography being a relatively recent artistic endeavour following an illness in 2007 causing her to retire her fashion career. Her fashion internships were at the design studios of Alexander McQueen and Hussein Chalayan– what designers to be interned to! As well as a gallery of her work her photographs can be purchased from her website store. Finally she presents a diary of her work. With photography words are not really that necessary? You reader will have a different response to her work than me, and even if we are of similar mind (which really is doubtful!) the pictures will still say far more than any words I could write about them.

Kirsty Mitchell Dryad


This post then is a humble pitch for her work – to go and see for yourself. Unlike some photography blogs which present watermarked and near-thumbnail images, on this blog the photographs are available to see full-screen, fully saturated. I present a smattering here which also can be viewed in greater size if you click on the image. What do you think? Does she stand out from the sound of the crowd?I stated that I think she has a distinctive vision – but does she have art?

Kirsty Mitchell The White Witch

The White Witch

Kirsty Mitchell A Most Beautiful Death

A Most Beautiful Death