Liebster Blog Award Nomination

Being Sixteen Blog - Home Page photoI’ve just been nominated for a blog award – yay! Thank you Daniel, the nominating blogger, at Being Sixteen blog.

The blog award is designed to promote up-and-coming blogs (those with less than 200 followers) to the wider blogging community. Those nominated are then encouraged to do the same by recommending and nominating five blogs that they enjoy – a bit like a chain letter. As Daniel says it seems a bit like a pyramid scheme but at least what is being pyramided is some loving not some solicitation for cash!

I cannot find out anything about the Liebster Blog Award on Google – all the hits I see are posts by other bloggers who have equally unexpectedly received such a nomination. I presume someone somewhere originated this award, and wonder if, like a Chinese Whisper, the original intention has survived intact and if anything has been lost in translation of the translation etc!

Is there the equivalent of an annual Oscar ceremony – I just do not know!

But anyhow in the spirit in which it was received I list my five blog nominations.

Girl in the hat – strap line – ‘musings, short-stories, excerpts from novels-in-progress and various bits of auto-biography’. This is a relatively new blog to me and I am enjoying reading the blogger’s various literary posts.

Words fall from my eyes – strap-line ‘The EBB & Flow of one HEART pumping’. This blog is an autobiographical novel in progress. We tend to read books from the oldest entry (first chapter) and if the book engages us we will move forward reading to the end. Whereas we tend to read blogs from the newest entry (latest chapter) and so if a piece of ongoing fiction/non-fiction will be joining the story later on in its proceedings. No matter – it engaged me from the first words of it I read (wherever they were in the tale!) and I have been hooked ever since.

Power of H Blog – strap-line ‘I wish I’d been born 7 hours earlier’ – the blogger comments that he started it to offset his muttering in public places! I enjoy his posts about paintings and sculptures and his succinct insightful descriptions of his subjects. Particularly as quite a verbose blogger myself!

A Talent for Design – strap-line ‘Drawing from the far side of the ocean – she comments that ‘Sometimes inspiration comes to us in waves… In my case, I’m happiest when I’m creating and sharing my love for all things beautiful. If along the way I inspire you to find ways to express your own creative voice, we’ll both be enriched.’ I enjoy her drawings, photographs and quotations.

The Flood – strap-line Creative Arts and Culture Zine. And describes itself as a visual adventure by artists for artists (or art-lovers). This art-lover enjoys the art on this blog.

Having so nominated we then need to let those bloggers know via a comment on their blog.

Finally to make a copy of the award and place it somewhere conspicuous on your own blog – or even inconspicuous if you are a modest sort!