I Just Love You More – My Ignorant Youth new Kate Nash blog

Song poet Kate Nash has extended her musical and lyrical talents to a new blog My Ignorant Youth.

It came to my notice from this tweet of hers on March 20th – and she is certainly committed to it so far – no half-hearted record label blog is this with infrequent posts when the artist has new merchandise to promote or feels the need to attach themselves to some current news-story – it is in keeping with her songs poetic, creative and passionate.

Her most recent post was a very non-music business one of her Nan’s 80th birthday.  Yet others about her Rock and Roll After-School Music Club – a scheme to get girls into song-writing (see this Independent Article for more details) – and of her current tour across the UK.

In addition to the words and photos fitting artwork is contributed from friend and fellow blogger Kate O’Brien.

I made no hesitation in following her – my only surprise is that there are only 197 followers so far – I am sure that will change as much for her wider celebrity as it being a creative and original blog.

I seem to have followed her twice myself – not intentional – I got bamboozled by the Google Blogger registration process – and I am not that easily bamboozled – I think!

I will be following her ‘My Ignorant Youth’ blog with as much pleasure as I do her tweets.