Autumn from my Window…

I have decided to blog a photograph. I have no illusions about professional and or art photography, I am but an happy amateur. And do not plan to regularly post photographs either – writing is still my main mistress of which I am ever loyal etc etc.

But having posted it to both Twitter and Facebook without awe and to Pinterest without ‘aww’ I thought I would see if I could match that sequence of indifference here.

Though I have said I plan no further such digital camera snapping shots I did consider that I could take a picture of the same spot each day at the same time each day too which may even then come to be considered in some quarters as something very nearly art, or at least an artistic enterprise. But the  organisation and discipline involved in such a project dissuaded me – in other words I could not be arsed.

The picture naturally needed a name – a throwaway name for a throwaway picture was perhaps called for but a shortlist arose in me.

  • Autumn from my window
  • Autumn from my kitchen window
  • Autumn from my kitchen window at half-past-two on a Wednesday afternoon
  • So that the view from Sam Flowers’ first-floor kitchen window could be seen by the world and thus that world not be so bereaved of its otherwise absence
  • Everything changes, everything remains the same
  • The futility of railing against the futility of being
  • Trees

    Autumn from my kitchen window - Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland


The Work of Robert Jaso website

The Work of Robert Jaso website is an unabashed show-off show-case of his art. For photography such as this is art.

Robert Jaso website

Little words about Robert Jaso will be found – the site is all about his work, his labour of love, his art.

The little I know about him is that he used to be a model, he was born in Slovakia and he is now based in Paris, France.

And according to Alexa this website is most popular in China – perhaps also because the picture speaking a thousand words is also a language universal.

He has shot a number of campaigns recently for Cosmetic companies Shiseido and Black-up; other recent work for Mathew Williamson and De Beers Diamonds and featured in Editorials for Grazia and Elle among others.

Close Up and Favourite

When you visit this website multiple photographs occupy and fill your screen and then with a mouse-click upon any one of these photographs that particular image will then fill your screen saturating it in colour. The richest of eye candies.

We are able to filter the content which is divided into six categories of Skincare, Haircare, Beauty, Beauty Accessories, Fashion and Advertising or we can view it all as a fantastic collage.

We can also Favourite images and then have the option to download them.

For all its stunning visual impact I would have liked a few more words with each image – there are no titles let alone details about each of the images, a more prosaic catalogue version would be welcome.

Nevertheless this is a must see website, a real visual feast for your eyes.