Blogs Aloud

A tributary post and poem of mine in June 2012 to Mancunian Punk-Poet John Cooper-Clarke, The Jaundiced Junket, led several commenters (Anna from The Girl in the Hat and Daniel from Being Sixteen) to suggest that they would like to have heard me read the poem part of it.

I responded that I would give it consideration but subsequently no such reading materialized. This was not however from disdaining the idea. I did create a recording on my mobile phone of another fiction post, Because I Can, where I adopted a rather sinister tone in the voice of its sociopathic subject but was not entirely happy with it – on the playback I could hear my chair squeaking and at another point I began childishly corpsing!

But I had only considered the reading aloud of my blog posts for my fiction pieces – poetry and stories as much to be heard as read, and then there is the element of performance. That I could sit in front of a camera with or without props and perform the post.

I had not considered it for my non-fiction posts and so I thought why not for all of my blog-posts?

Perhaps there is an audience out there for writing but only in audio form, their reading skills may be lacking, English is not their first language, they have dyslexia…

And in this increasingly busy time-poor era it may be a more convenient way to digest blog posts and indeed any writing – easier on the go being imbibed through the ears than the eyes. I should have podcast versions perhaps. And you also?

But how clear and engaging is my spoken voice? Will others find it dulcet or a drone. Perhaps arising from it I will find lucrative work doing voice-overs for more-money-than-sense ad-agencies. You can see it does not take much for me to get carried away with an idea!

And not just read our own blog posts aloud but the posts of other bloggers – a kind of audio re-blogging?

So expect an audio post, whether of new content or old content, within the next week. Just as soon as I have figured out the WordPress technology!