The Alyona Show – political smarts

This show is no longer on the air.


The Alyona Show is an hour long weekday news and current affairs TV show from the international news network RT (formerly Russia Today).

I live in Scotland and it is broadcast between four and five in the morning – I hope it is broadcast a more social hour where you are?! RT the channel itself is not a mainstream broadcaster in my country either so then we have The Alyona Show hard to find in time and place but well worth your trouble to seek it out.

If though you don’t have TV access to The Alyona Show you can watch clips of it on the program’s RT website page.

The Alyona ShowHosted by Alyona Minkovski and based in Washington DC, USA the shows addresses both domestic and international news items – even the US domestic ones though not always that relevant for me as a viewer in the United Kingdom I can see the issues are being addressed in depth and not beholden to the Republican line as they would be on Fox News or the Democrat line as they would be on MSNBC – rather a more critical line of both parties.

If they are critical of Barack Obama it is not against his progressive agenda but because it is not progressive enough.

It is refreshingly cynical too of Big Business and the Mainstream Media.  A show too that is comfortable with the web rather than the more aloof attitude of much of television news – whose attitude to web journalism is akin to newspaper journalists attitude to them half a century back.

I share much of Alyona Minkovski’s views so am likely to take pleasure in her presentation and interviewing style but I also consider that she puts those views across clearly and unapologetically – it is refreshing to watch a presenter who has passion yet remains clear-headed.

The show is not about Alyona Minkovski alone though – there is an excellent team of contributors as well as an interesting selection of people interviewed.

This is a show I will be making a regular appointment with – even if via my PVR!