Another Big C – Cynthia Nixon

As I am currently enjoying the re-runs of Sex and The City it was a pleasant surprise to see one of that shows fabulous stalwarts Cynthia Nixon appear on the ‘Happy Birthday, Cancer’ episode of The Big C as Rebecca, an old college friend of Cathy’s.

I hope she stays around and I guess that will depend on how enduring her shall we say budding relationship is with Cathy’s brother Sean!

Here’s hoping.

Sex and the Cities

I have been enjoying Channel 5’s nocturnal re-runs of Sex and The City on their Five * Channel. Candace Bushnell‘s smart chronicles are still as fresh as when first told in the 1990s.

It ended after a sixth series in 2004 – perhaps the characters wanted to move on and out of the city – and perhaps happily and married and in the suburbs and do enough of us want to watch conjugal bliss!? Undesperate Housewives …?  But its romantic tales broken or not are not limited in time or place and I feel this program could have continued on as a constant presence on our television…

We have had the two films but I think Sex and The City by its nature is episodic and television its natural medium.

Sex and The City was of course Sex and New York City – and rather like the CSI franchise which takes in New York, Miami and Las Vegas so too a Sex and The City Franchise? – and not just US cities but global ones too – London, Paris, Rio, Mumbai  – these dating tales don’t date – they are dateless to excuse the pun!

The places and characters change but the romantic tales of love found and lost and found again never does…