It’s Choade my Dear – via Thakoon and Shazam!

If not for Shazam would I have ever known about Connan Mockasin.

I had been watching Thakoon’s back-stage Fall show from New York courtesy of YouTube and FTV, and models including Anabela Belikova and Wang Xiao, having their hair done while being made-up and discussing the look.

All the time a strange music under-scoring it with enigmatic verses accompanying.

A haunting quality and strangely fitting for the Thakoon video-shoot.

But what was it? Normally I may have Googled but I may equally have let it pass.

But as previously posted thanks to Shazam I simply held my phone up to my TV and it discovered the music for me. And discovered it was called ‘It’s Choade my Dear’.

And then on to YouTube to watch the video from its artist, New Zealander Connan Mockasin.

The song is taken from his group’s fifth album ‘Forever Dolphin Love’.  Other songs on the album are titled ‘Egon Hosford’ and ‘Unicorn in Uniform’ which I think give you a better impression of the album than any description I could give to it!

Lines in the song include ‘I’m a China Toad but I’m in filing mode. Please take it off, please take it off’. Later he recants ‘I’m a China Toad but I’m in reckless mode’! Or at least I think that is what he is singing. Shazam can tell me what the song is called but not yet decipher the strange words and tones of the singer/s!

The video is as intriguing as the song itself, shot on location in Hawkes Bay on New Zealand’s North Island.

Five albums in and I am only just discovering them via a Thakoon make-over!

But who or what is Choade? And off to Google!…

Shazam – another kind of magic

Screen cap – no point clicking on it!

I was watching the behind the scenes video of the Top Shop high summer shoot – no voiceover just a bright and breezy pop song providing the soundtrack. But what was that song? No information on the website page and no-one with me to ask.

Then I remembered that mobile App that allows you to identify music just by holding up your phone up to it – Shazam (taken from the DC Comic strip Captain Marvel where his alter ego Billy Batson incites the name of Wizard Shazam to do, well magic, a bit like this mobile app claims to do!) – well now I could discover for myself.

I downloaded the app and re-ran the video holding my iPhone up to it and ‘Shazam!” it identified the tune as ‘Bang Bang Bang’ by Mark Ronson and The Business International.  I then went into Spotify to verify that it was the song being used – and it was – wow.

The app can do other stuff but for the time-being I just had to share that it can do this – just so clever.

It is a magical product, voodoo tech. I will be keeping my iPhone and Shazam holster-ready now when watching TV as commercials in particular are a rich source of songs and sounds past and present not always known to me.

Whistles happily off into the distance…!

By the way when she sings ‘Feathers I’m plucking feathers’ I was hearing it as ‘Clever I’m fucking clever’ – you too, or is it just me?!