Of best laid plans…part 2

Do I feel lucky?!

In a previous post I detailed my nearly coming unstuck in getting to an airport on time, today another fiasco, this time not from me trying to save a few pennies but from our inclement – very inclement! – weather.

For the holidays I was planning heading south to visit my brother and his family in London. Usually I do this in my car enjoying as I do the journey as much as the destination and a journey travelled in a car I find hard to beat – my own route on my own time with the radio and my iPhone collection of music for company pumping through my car stereo.

It had started snowing though back in late November and had not relented.  My neighbours had all got their shovels out – they had to work and unlike me did not do this from their homes – I though decided not to join in – I would let nature take its course.  But nature’s course in this case was to keep on snowing so come yesterday I had to invest in a shovel myself and start the laborious process of rescuing my car from the snow – and by this stage as you can see the snow had been snowing on the snow – it was a long job. After an hour or so I had cleared a way for my car to reverse but my car doors would not open – I tried de-icing the seals with boiling hot water but to no avail – my only entry to my car was an undignified one through the hatch. But then as it was cold I had the reasonable idea of then closing the hatch whilst I tried to get my engine started. The engine would not start and you may have guessed just as I could not get into my car I could not now get out of my car. Fortunately I had only to wait ten or so minutes for a neighbour returning home and to open my boot for me – however being locked in your own car, that is embarrassing!

Eventually I gave up on my car – it clearly needed rescuing but I wanted to be with my nieces and nephew for Christmas Day and the TLC my car needed would have to wait.  I needed alternative transport – I would have to take the train.

My journey alas was not going to improve with my transition from private to public transport – the train was severely delayed so a coach was laid on to take me to Edinburgh.  Then once in Edinburgh the planned journey to London’s King Cross was halted only several minutes out of Waverley station – the joining doors apparently were not disconnecting and we would not be going anywhere.  Eventually the train returned to the station and we were shunted onto another train.  This train though was not going anywhere either – another train was broken down on the track outside of Berwick and we would have to wait for its removal before going anywhere.  Four hours later this train too was cancelled and those of us heading to London were transferred to a Caledonian Sleeper.

I did therefore belatedly make it into London in time to open presents on Christmas Day with my brother’s family.  But next time it snows like this I won’t be letting Scottish nature take its course, I will most definitely be out with a shovel!