Scott and Bailey – the latest DC’s on the TV beat

Scott and BaileyScott and Bailey is a new Manchester based detective drama from Manchester based Red Production Company whose first episode (of six) broadcast on ITV Sunday May 29th.

A new detective drama or yet another detective drama or just how many detective dramas do we need? Like hospital dramas and cooking shows there is an endless supply whether there is an endless demand or not.

Scott and Bailey are two female detective constables which gives it some edge – like Ashes to Ashes if Alex Drake had managed to have booted out Gene Hunt and appointed Shaz Granger as her assistant and without the science-fiction. Perhaps!

Janet Scott and Rachel Bailey are played by Lesley Sharp and Suranne Jones respectively.

Lesley Sharp was very recently in the BBC drama ‘The Shadow Line’ and has been in numerous other shows such as ‘Clocking Off’ and starred in in the movie ‘The Full Monty’.

Bailey and Co-creator

Suranne Jones was most recently on our TV screen in an episode of Doctor Who, The Doctor’s Wife, where she made a memorable captivating performance as The Doctor’s Wife. Not her first time playing a DC either having starred as DC Laurie Franklin in the BBC drama ‘Five Days’.

Their boss DCI Gill Murray is played by Amelia Bullmore.

Though Scott and Bailey is the name of the show the chemistry between them in the first episode was lukewarm, just a pair of work colleagues sharing a desk. Scott is the cooler headed one, Bailey the impulsive hearted one – Sense and Sensibility meets the Manchester Metropolitan Police.

The crime in the first episode was a murder made to look like a suicide and a cheating husband and jealous mistress which infidelity echoed the recently jilted Bailey whose boyfriend of two years turns out to be married fourteen years with two sons! The cheated Bailey feels some empathy with the cheated mistress save that the cheated mistress wrought revenge with murder rather than getting the mortgage paid in full on their love nest.

Suranne Jones is not just Bailey in this show – it is also her idea along with Sally Lindsay. They co-created it with Diane Taylor herself a retired Detective Inspector from the Greater Manchester Police Force’s Major Incident Team. This bodes well I think as we can expect a passionate involvement in the show from Suranne Jones and for a very realistic drama from Diane Taylor. The main writer is Sally Wainwright (At Home with the Braithwaites) whose job will be to translate the prosaic details of one presumes real with poetic license case history’s into more compelling fiction.

A promising first episode with strong performances by both Suranne Jones and Lesley Sharpe but whether this series will rise above being ‘just another TV detective drama’ the case remains open.

Suranne Jones – The Doctor’s Wife

Suranne Jones

Suranne Jones

The latest episode of Doctor Who finds him betrothed?

What an episode it is and what a performance by Suranne Jones – such a pity it had to be a terminal one.

The Doctor’s Wife was written by English author Neil Gaiman of Coraline and The Sandman fame among many others. And the script was as mind-bending as the scientific conundrums that littered it. The time-shifting in this latest series would leave even Quentin Tarantino breathless.

Michael Sheen is the voice of The House. (Though not his first such voice – he was the White Rabbit’s voice in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland). But what a CV he now has – previously, to sample but a few, Brian Clough, Tony Blair and Kenneth Williams – and now the Voice of the House – can he possibly top this?!

And the Doctor sheds a tear – I won’t plot-spoil if you have not yet seen it – and if not then you should watch for free on the BBC iPlayer in High Definition while you still can.

Suranne Jones’ performance as Idris the Doctor’s Wife (or Soul Mate? Same thing – or should be!) was delivered with relish – much verbal gymnastics and memorable lines – though the line about the Fish Fingers is in the same category as a previous episode in this series Knock Knock Who’s There one!

As herself

Not her first foray into the Doctor Who universe though – you may remember her as the Mona Lisa in the Sarah Jane Adventure ‘Mona Lisa’s Revenge’?

More known though for charismatic cops such as DC Laurie Franklin in the BBC’s Five Days and another DC, Rachel Bailey, in the recently commenced ITV series ‘Scott and Bailey’, where Scott is played by Lesley Sharp – which sounds in the spirit of Murder In Suburbia – and I digress!

Here she gets to play the TARDIS – sorry could not avoid that spoiler! – where her multi-dimensional space-time-mind confounds not just we the viewers but the Doctor himself.

As noted such a pity it was to be a terminal appearance – okay I can see I plot-spoiled from the very beginning of this post! – but she arrived and exited with a bang.

But does this mean the Doctor is left without a TARDIS? That is one plot-line at least I won’t spoil for you!