The Vast Wishing Well of the Universe

Today’s story taster from Contest Fiction ‘The Vast Wishing Well of the Universe’ from fiction writer Matt Herron based in Austin, Texas, USA.

She posted a flyer next to the mail room in her shabby apartment advertising her first class. The flyer said “Sunset Yoga by the River” in bubbly letters. She drew a colorful crayon sunset at the top and buzzed with anticipation all week.

On Wednesday night, Sarah waited at the wooden dock across the river. When no one showed up, she went through her routine alone, pressing her bare feet into the sun-warmed oak planks.

She continued to wait there every Wednesday evening. It’s good karma, she told herself. Eventually, someone will come. Eventually, someone did. One or two at first, then, when she was late one day and expecting no one to be there, a large group of ten people stood on the dock waiting for her.

There she met Lachlan…

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